You've stumbled across ET's fanfiction. Some of you might know me as extra-ter2estrial on fanfiction.net. I own Crimson Passion, an X-Men: Evolution JOTT fansite, as well as The Scott and Jean Archives. I've also started a JOTT forum: JOTTFans. I'm a huge Scott/Jean (JOTT) fan, and the stories written centre around these two characters. I started writing in late September 2003. The X-Men: Evolution verse inspired me; I am only beginning to explore comicverse, and maybe movieverse.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in my fanfiction. These characters are the sole property of Marvel, and X-Men: Evolution produced by WBkids. I make no money out of writing.

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Fic count: 10
Art count: 7

I haven't written fic/drawn art in a long time. I haven't as much free time as I used to when I started, and whatever free time that is left is poured into The Scott and Jean Archives. This site will still remain up for your amusement.

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